Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Adding to it all

I like perusing through 'Shine' an affiliate site of Yahoo!'s.
Recently, I have been finding topics that add some meat to some of my posts so I am going to link to them

To go along with my Children?! post you could read this


To go along with Kiss me dammit you could read this.
I especially think this part is worthy of trying

IF YOU HAVE A MINUTE… This is from a great article in the current Scientific American Mind by Robert Epstein (do it with your guy): Embrace each other gently and gradually synchronize your breathing with his. Just stand there inhaling and exhaling together, as if you were one being. A minute or two of this, apparently, lowers your inhibitions—and that can help people bond.

Sounds cool right! Try it I say.

Having a bit of a block so been seeking inspiration to help form the words mulling around in my head that are refusing to take shape.
Keep good!
What do you think of the questions raised in the two articles?

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