Friday, November 4, 2016

Time happens and things change

I have only ever experienced the impact of a hurricane on a country as an adult. First hurricane ever witnessed by me was Hurricane Ivan. I was married with children. When the hurricane watch was upgraded to warning I was naturally panicked and wanted to bring everything outside into our tiny apt. I was convinced that the Category 4 winds would pick up everything in the patio and twirl it around like a mad dervish and smash our sliding glass door to smithereens. The hubbie laughed at me so hard telling me that I clearly watch too many movies and this was a Hurricane and not Twister. I felt bad because of my inexperience.

 Fast Forward to this year September and Hurricane Matthew was heading our way and much to my surprise this time we were in a bigger place without a glass sliding door and my hubbie was hastily battening down the hatches and bringing in everything that wasn't bolted down into the house because (in all seriousness!!) you never know what the wind would do cause it was a Category 4 Hurricane you know!

I just had to chuckle what a difference a few years makes. LOL

I enjoyed this article
It speaks to what I have been saying throughout  this blog. As a married couple you make the decision to be married and to stay married.  Love is a choice. Marriage is a choice. You choose to stay in both.

Have a great weekend and make great choices.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Just saying HELLO!!

I am not even going to excuse why I have been away so long. I did not know it has been so long!!!
Suffice it to say it has been busy and stressful and sometimes not fun over here. You know that line in your marriage vows where you say through thick and thin. Well this is our thin times.
Well who isn't going through thin, lean eat salt times right now I guess. If you aren't please feel free to adopt the hubbie and I. LOL.

I saw this on Instagram recently and thought it really cute and stole it to share here.
 I especially love #2 because I love birthdays and #7 because wouldn't it just be great not having to think about who needs to eat or drink every two minutes?

Hope everyone is great! Please say Hello back.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Heart beats

I saw this on Allyssa Milano's Facebook and had to borrow it. I absolutely love this
I thought it fitting as so many of us are feeling all fuzzy and heart a flutter as Valentine's day draws near.
Keep good

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's been ALMOST a YEAR!!!! Since my last post. WOW.
Suffice it to say it was a busy year. It was also what could be one of the worst years to date full loss... loss of property, loss of family, loss of father-in-law and loss of health. Sigh
Happy to see the end of it and so grateful for the promise of new happenings.
Wishing you the same.

There is talk all over the web about peoples word for the year... So jumping on that bandwagon the word for 2015 for me is:
also quite partial to 

So I have two. What is yours?

Thought this was a good way to start the year here. Have a read.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Friday, March 14, 2014

To drink or not to drink

Yahoo Shine's 5 Surprising Secrets To a Happy Marriage is really an interesting read.
The tips for a Happy marriage is interesting with  a delicious twist.
I especially love this:
"If you're going to drink a cocktail, pour for two. Although it's unclear why, both married and dating couples who enjoy between one and three drinks together feel happier than those who indulge when they're apart. "Individuals who drink with their partner report feeling increased intimacy and decreased relationship problems the next day, compared to individuals who drink apart from their partner or do not drink at all," lead author Ash Levitt, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow at University of Buffalo's Research Institute on Addictions, said in a press release. The effects were seen in couples who mirror each other's drinking habits, so if your partner is abstaining, you should too."
Do you drink together? We do sometimes. After reading this article I realised that the hubbie who has always been a  rum and pepsi drinker actually drinks cranberry and rum whenever I do drink alcohol. Strange the little ways you adapt to each other.

Read the rest of the article here.
And here is another good read : 8 Acts Of Chivalry To Bring Back

Maybe you have a drink or two together but most of all have a great weekend together.  


Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines day

I am not a big music person as in I very rarely know who sings the song I am humming along.
But i have been really, belatedly, loving John Legend.
I am especially in love with the song he wrote for his now wife Chrissy Teigen- All of Me.
Makes me think of the hubbie. and makes me smile.

Happy 15 Anniversary to us!

Is there a song that does that for you?
Happy Valentine's Day my friends.

Hope you have a great day sharing hugs and kisses with family, friends and if there is one your significant other.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Making it a habit.

It is really interesting cruising around the webosphere ( yes I know, not a word) when it comes to marriage and staying that way the advice is not original.

Touch each other every day. Hold hands, sit close together for a few minutes.

Make time for each other. Spend time with each other.

Don't ever bad mouth your significant other.

Choose to be together. Choose to stay married.

And that is not a bad thing. To me it means that it is all tried and tested so should be easy enough to follow. Or at least be worth it to try some of the advice.
Click here for Habits of a Hot Marriage-great read.

If you have been passed through here a few time you would know that February is my favourite month. I go into great detail in this past post

Valentine's day is 2 days away wishing you all the day and the surprises that you wish for when it does come. I love this post about Valentine's day expectations from the new to me blog An Inch of Gray. Click here  to enjoy as well. It made me giggle.  

The hubbie and I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage. What an interesting ride it has been so far.
Here is to many many more.