Friday, February 22, 2013

It is strange how things happen.
Take this pumpkin for example.
The vine where it originated was two houses away, which would make it my neighbour's neighbour house. The vine appeared to literally float thru the air never making contact or attaching to anything in my immediate neighbour's yard to take up residence in my back yard. A really amazing occurrence don't think. It sat in my yard as if it was always intended for that spot.
Doesn't it make you think of what happens when you meet that significant someone.
For whatever reason it is never who you think it would be who really catches your fancy.

It's February the month of Love *giggle* and for the first time since I started this blog I haven't felt the zeal to actually publish a post. Oh I have ideas but my problem is squeezing in time to get it done. Sigh! This February 14th meant 14years that the hubster and I have been married. Pretty cool if you ask me.
And just like the pumpkin it seemed like a wind, albeit a strong breeze, was the cause of getting us together and growing a relationship which blossomed into a marriage.
I didn't have my friends take part in my AHA series this year but I decided that this affords us the opportunity to revisit the wonderful women who indulged my quest to share in that magical moment when they just knew that they had met 'the One'.

Also love this post from Thought Catalog- 15 Signs You're in Love thought I would share it just in case you were wondering.

Have a great weekend all!