Friday, January 28, 2011

Saying Thanks

We are already one month into 2011 already can you believe it.

Boy have I been scarce...too many things on the plates. Most importantly focusing on achieving some sort of balance with my four kiddies.

I feel compelled to send a big smile at two blog friends who always ALWAYS visit and most importantly comments on my posts.
It warms my heart and makes me smile every time I see their comments because their blogs are two of my favourites haunts.
Thanks to Paula of Two Ellie and Mrs. French
and Andrea of Multiple Mama
Love them to bits.

 I am also appreciative of the 10-12 persons that pass through daily. Not sure who you are but nice to have you!

Have a great weekend all

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am the Queen!

I watched The Young Victoria with Emily Blunt yesterday
I thought it was great
but that is because I think I have a bias for period pieces especially English pieces.
It was my favourite time in history even when I did it in class. Actually I am wrong I loved the time when King Henry VIII was in reign ( I wouldn't want to live then but there was so much going historically with religion and politics WOW!) The clothes if you had money was ridiculous love it
Anyway the movie was a sweet lovestory
and I am smittened.

My favourite line and is one I wish I could use and get away with in my life:
You are JUST my husband I am the Queen and you WILL do as I say !

Yup it was good.
Don't you just wish you could say that sometimes... ok all the times LOL.
However, their marriage was according to the movie about  sharing, caring and compromise.
She clearly loved her husband because 40 years after his death she was still putting out his clothes for the day.
No that is love.

What little special act do you do each day for you significant other?

Don't worry I can't think of any either... though I do ensure he has a vitamin every day to eat with his meal.
Does that count :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some days...

you just feel to scream!

The way you handle those days
will define how you act .

So do you find a good pillow to let out that lusty scream into?
Or how about that empty bathroom around the back?
Or do you call a friend who will scream
Or does your kitchen get a scrub down?

I am still working on letting out and diffusing my scream
though a drive around the block then a blog walk did a good job of
making things fall back into place.

Though I think if you need to scream
let it out!
you will feel better for it.