Sunday, May 29, 2011


Ok what happened?!
What did I do?
I looked at my stats
(yes I know I said would stop and it doesn't matter much here but still need to see)
there were 246 visits yesterday!!!! 
Shocking LOL
Happy to have had you
                          Say Hello next time will ya !

Friday, May 20, 2011


I thought this was an interesting article so I am sharing with you.. click on the link

The Curse of the Just-OK Marriage

After a few years of marriage and maybe a few kids, many couples settle into a routine and can take their spouse and relationship for granted. Here are ideas on how to keep the spark alive.

and now that you have read that you have to look through these pics for inspiration.
Who said that Hollywood marriages/partnerships don't last! 

Have a great weekend

Thursday, May 19, 2011

There is no changing here!

I haven't been here in like ages and now all of sudden I am here again teehee
my time has freed up a teensy bit so now I have time to think....

just needed to share this...

IN case you have been living in a cave on the tallest mountain not yet discovered.
It thought I would say
and I think I'll add one more
NEVER go into a relationship
thinking that the person you are going with,
living with
or getting married to
will change.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's that old adage...
When the cat's away the mice shall play!
Well that is how I felt recently when my sweet hubbie and my son went away for 10 days!
The first night I was like oh no how am I going to sleep?
But slowly I started to embrace the fact that the entire bed was all mine for the while.
My pillows were my own as was all the covers.
And the television teehee I think I lost a lot of sleep because I stayed up watching shows that I would normally forgo because I know the hubbie would be either frowning or grumbling or outright ridiculing me for wanting to see such a show.
I had a blast I felt as if I was in college again.... mind you with three very demanding roommates LOL but they were asleep by 10.
So I had  plenty time to do what I will.
I basically overdid it on computer and television because there was no one to say 'What ya still doing that" scowl! LOL

I think it is okay to look forward to some 'breaks' from your significant others.
You really don't realize how restricting it can be being a part of a couple.
There is always going to be some form of compromise and sharing but that is what you sign up for.
Honestly, I embrace the breaks when I get them, but I enjoy the sharing that comes with being a couple.
As it is better to share, compromise and battle for the covers with someone than it is to not have that significant other again. And also the other thing that distance or time apart does is make the heart go fonder.
And  in that case the sharing of the bed, pillows, television wouldn't matter as you would be too busy 'saying' how much you missed  each other.

Am I the only one that enjoys the little me time?
What do you do when it is just you?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Royal Wedding

Like most of the world I woke up early last Friday
(ok I was rudely awakened by my mother-in-law and my sister LOL geez it was 4am in the morning and I needed my sleep!!!)
Anyway I figured seeing that I 'was' at Diana's wedding as my sister reminded me with tissue on hand... it was only fitting that I attended her son's wedding
and I was not disappointed.
and as I watched the ceremony for the fifth time later in the day I couldn't help the sniffles
because weddings are magical
and this Royal wedding was no different.
The fairytale aspect of the girl winning her Prince was super sweet as well.
What girl hasn't dreamt of her Prince riding in from the sunrise and claiming her!

My favourite part of the whole ceremony was when he looked at her with a sweet smile and told her she looked beautiful... swoon!

But as beautiful as the dress was,
as dashing and princely he looked,
as fabulous as the ceremony was
I just couldn't help being bugged out about him not participating fully in the ring exchange.

Why couldn't he simply go through the ring blessing and just opt not to wear the ring.
On thinking of it I know that yes it would cause a media frenzy if he was ever spotted out without his ring.
Yet still
it cheapened the whole ceremony to me.... it seemed as if Catherine (love that she is no longer Kate LOL) was the only one getting married!
Which lead me thinking about women who do not change their name when married... it is pretty much the same thing isn't it?

What do you think, is it ok that Prince William refused to wear a ring?
Would you ever accept that from your significant other?
What about the whole woman keeping their name thing? How do you feel about that?