Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kiss me dammit

Most important is keeping your relationship intimate... there should never be a time that you see your significant other and you do not give them a kiss on the lips, cheek, shoulder, forehead, hair or brush your hand on their hand or other bodypart. Because the moment you pass by each other with distance is the moment that distance starts to take over.

I have two couple friends that I have watched enviously over the years interact with each other. The first couple could have just seen each other a few hours ago and yet greet each other affectionately with a kiss and a touch. The other couple are going 19 years of marriage and they still do that I drink from you glass while you drink from my glass thing.

If ever there was something that should be added to your manual as non-negotiable is the need to remain intimate.
It should read like this: when you wake up every morning - hug me
as you leave through the door for the day- kiss me
if you come back for your coffee -kiss me
when you come back from work- greet me then kiss me
I am sure you get the drift.

So many time we allow ourselves to become like ships passing in the corridors and that is wrong. I know I am guilty of this myself getting caught up with some silly argument about nothing and everything and I rather pass without touching but usually the quarrel is not worth the intimacy lost so I have found myself giving a touch, hugging tight and laying on a big one especially when I dont feel like and strangely the argument filters away.


  1. This is a very good point. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. This is lovely! So glad I stopped by. Will be following to hear more of these sentiments. xo Erica


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