Thursday, June 10, 2010

Moving family in...

As I watch this man I call Daddy
walk around in his underwear
I see a man oblivious of the fact that he is no longer in his own space and
also a man comfortable in his own skin.

My father is visiting! Been here one week already
He is getting older well it is a only natural right. No matter how much I try to brainwash myself to the contrary he is aging and getting grayer and unfortunately a little off- balanced. He is going to 76 this year ( For some reason he keeps mistakenly saying 26) and with all things considered he is really aging great his brain is still sharp as a whip and he looks good.

But it made me think of the question that few of us think to consider before you get married.
What will you do when your parents become too old to take care of themselves.

If you are from a large family would you be the one to take in your mother, your father?
Do you expect to be responsible for both pairs of in-laws?
Are you pro 'old age' home or anti?

We never discussed this before marriage, but it seemed only natural that we would be responsible for my father-in-law when my sister-in-law moved to live in the cold regions of Canada. So now he lives in the adjoining apartment of his house and we moved into the main house.

Having a parent live with you brings with it a whole lot of interesting experiences some heartwarming, others...... not so much.
you know like the underwear parading father!

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  1. such a big question, but we always have family first even if we all arent close we know that we need to care for them in one way or another.


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