Saturday, May 25, 2013

Just like Tom & Jerry

The other day I overheard a guy describing his 2 year marriage and was quite tickled by it.
He likened marriage to that of a Tom and Jerry episode where you spend all your time trying to kill, trap, or maim the other and just as you about to be victorious in the kill, it hits you that there is no way life would mean anything if they were gone.
Well my first reaction was of course - No way is marriage like a Tom and Jerry pfft what did he know the little upstart.
And then congratulating a friend on 10 years of marriage, she pretty much had the same sentiment.
Her response to the my words of congratulations:- "Can you believe 10 years and I haven't  killed him yet and boy have I thought of it a few times too many LOL. But he is a good man and I do still love him so."
And I suppose if I really think about it I would have to admit that  marriage is made up of a whole lot of sparring mixed with a good dose of make-up time.

What do you think?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.