Monday, June 21, 2010

Have you ever just wished you could have a discussion with your significant other that just involved listening and a few well intentioned
uh huhs,
oh no,
you said it girl and nothing else.

No plan of strategy to fix things
No well if I was you this is what I would do
No ... well I told you how to deal with this already
No ... this is what we will do

Just listening.

Hmmm now thinking of this as I like to do it hit me... why then can't we preempt a conversation that you know is just about listening, venting, chatting by handing over a card that says :

So the poor hubbie knows in advance his role in the conversation.
Do you think that would be a bit rude?
But I think that it would make for a more peaceful existence between the two parties. Because there will be no incidences that could lead to fighting!

Well that is what I am thinking...
What say you?!


  1. Men are not wired like us. Maybe we need to be more obvious to them what we need them to do?

  2. I got it redone last week by the person at the lower right hand side of my blog, Shabby Chic. The design is even named after me!


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