Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's not all about you!

Another post from that 'a Cup of Jo' marriage series says a key to a good marriage is trying your best to focus on what your significant other needs you to be to him, instead of what you want him to be to you.

This is such great advice


Do you know how hard this is?!
Thinking about your husband/wife first and not yourself.
In this the it's all about ME, self gratifying time we are living in.
Lets face it...ridiculously hard LOL because I don't know about you I am self centered!

However if we can at least attempt to attain just a little of shift in focus to your spouse and not the almighty 'me' 'I ' then we may open up a door of possible happiness and peace.

Borrowing a quote from the post
"Love your other how they need to be loved, not how you need to be."

Try it! what is the worst that could happen....
your significant other may like it
...or worse yet you may!

(oh I have actually been working on this myself and I can attest that thinking of what the hubbie needs before what I need is not all that bad)


  1. We all do the best we can and thankfully for all of us, tomorrow is a new day, right? New chances to keep doing right!

  2. That is so true Becca.. tomorrow is a new day. Thanks

  3. Ohhh...There is always a new day,darling:) Have a good weekend and I will be back to read more of your posts...I love your blog:)

  4. such a challenge but so needed. I work on this continually. have yet to be good at it.

  5. Wahzat,

    How kind for you to return a comment! I just wanted to let you know that Proverbs 31 is what I strive to be, but I am far from being that virtuous woman : ) Instead of taking every verse literally I try to think "what" she is doing. She is productive, kind, hardworking, giving, honorable, etc.

    These videos may encourage you!

    Many Blessings,

  6. Wonderful advice!


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