Monday, May 3, 2010

Silly, positively inane stuff

The toothpaste tube... do you squeeze from the top, the bottom or are you a middle squeezer?
What about the cap do you remember to put it on or does it lay forgotten near the sink?

The toilet seat what do you think do you mind that it is up all the time?
Should it stay down all the time?

For that matter do you care how the toilet roll hangs?

Oh and the sheets should they be well made or why bother we are going to sleep in them later anyway!

Do we have to share pillows?

As simple as these seem it is amazing how this seemingly inane issues can over time be the straw that breaks the camels back. Personally the toothpaste tube has no effect on me. I prefer to squeeze from the bottom and my husband squeezes where ever the feeling takes him. I usually just reposition it how I want it when it is my time to brush. My mother on the other hand used to blow a big one if ever anyone squeezed it anywhere other than the bottom. And if this is an issue for you and you are spoiling for a fight it can definitely help fuel that anger.

The toilet seat however used to be a big issue for me and is still cause for teasing as far as my husband is concerned. And my grouse with it is understandable I think considering I lived in a tiny apartment with an even tinier bathroom. I hated to walk in and see the toilet bowl gaping open at me and of course falling in to the bowl a few nights in a row didn't endear me to my then boyfriend. I would be so annoyed and not speak to him because of the toilet. However, to save my sanity I started checking for an open bowl even half asleep and if it was up I just simply put it down. And I think even though he still grumbles my husband does make a conscious effort to put it down. We also moved to a bigger place so it is also not such a GLARING problem .

An unmade bed though is my silent pet peeve. I need to have my bed made up before I leave for the day. This is something that is ingrained in me mind you from my mother but it is there all the same I despise coming home to an unmade bed and i definitely could sleep in a bed that is unmade. No way no how, so I will make it up if it is not made up before I go to sleep, because sleep will not come if the sheets are rumpffuled. Don't laugh that is just the way I am. Not so much for my husband he is of the philosophy why make the bed you are just going to get it messy again when you sleep in it! And because he always wakes up after me I have had to learn to adopt that philosophy (okay not) myself. I still make it before I lay my head on my pillow.

Which brings me to my pillow... my pillow is my pillow, my side is on the left of the bed and I think that no one but me should touch either of them. With the exception of my sick children they get what ever they want when they are sick.

My pillow is a source of contention with the two of us, because my husband thinks I should learn to share and I think that he should just leave my pillow alone. I sleep the best on my pillow and some how it always ends up under his head! We have gotten into some seriously heated arguments over my pillow and my side. And he is right in a sense there should be no 'mine' in coupledom, but I also think that I am entitled to some things that are just mine and he should respect it for what it is!

Such little insignificant things that if left unchecked can turn that tiny anthill into Mt. Everest.
What other little things are there that shouldn't matter but get under the skin anyway?

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  1. Those little things can be nerve racking, but I have learned to not focus on them. It does get hard sometimes, though.


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