Thursday, May 20, 2010

I rise with the sun do you?

You know that whole thing about opposites attracting and all that... well I think it applies to your sleeping patterns as well. You can find yourself in some deep water if you or your spouse is a early riser and the other is not!

I say this because I have wanted to clobber my sleeping husband with a pillow so many times because he was indulging in a seemingly glorious sleep-in until noon while I who have been up from six in the am is ready to do something and can't get him up!

Ok take a breathe.

It only bothers me a little bit now. I guess I am too busy now in the morning because all of my children are early risers... earlier than I am.

But in the beginning a whole different story...
I have never been able to sleep past nine even if I went out partying all night and got in at 6. Pop opens my eyes and I am AWAKE by nine. So as such I do all my chores, errands, activities early because if it is done or in process by noon then the day is shot.
My husband... the eternal teenager as I jokingly call him sometimes will happily sleep the day away.
And I with my expectations of Saturdays spending lovely weekends together strolling on the beach, lunching at some fabulous bistro/restaurant/cafe. Sundays reading the Sunday newspaper together before going off to church then finishing off the morning with a lovely brunch either back home or somewhere tasty. Would find my irritation rising as I realized that I should have known better because I knew that he was an owl and owls don't sleep at night they sleep during the day.
I took the better part of six years to reconcile that weekends as I envisioned it will never be that way. I may get a touch of it some time but this will always a once in blue moon event. LOL

Strangely enough this was never a topic to fight over it was just a source of great irritation to me and eventually a mind shift for me and changing of expectations to achieve a happy mental medium because the way I rationalized it you need sleep to grow right :)

But definitely a topic that I should have broached in the beginning. Probably would have eased a whole lot of unnecessary irritations.

So I rise with the sun do you?
I love sleeping the weekend away?
Does either bother you?


  1. I am such an early riser. Sleeping till 8 makes me feel like I slept the day away. I only became that way after having kiddos though.

  2. I could ome days up early and at 'em. Walk the beach most weekdays at 5:30am.Others happily endulging (until 9:30 or so). I get both sides. The eternal Libra!

  3. whoops...that should read~ I could do both...some days...


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