Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My husband knows my size!

Well he does most times.

I have changed a bit in my dimensions now I used to be medium on top and small on the bottom, now I am small on top and small on the bottom... blame it on breast feeding... I do.

I have never been big on shopping and strangely enough he is gets a kick-out of it. Yeah I know you are probably thinking metro-sexual or of that sort, but no he just has good taste, kind of have an idea of my taste and loves a bargain.

So my husband does the clothes shopping... mind you some of my outfits are a little bit shorter, a little bit more fitted than I would normally have chosen for myself, but they always look good on.
I on the other hand am not that sure what his measurements are and I am still trying to figure out his style... how about that for a reversal of roles.

Knowing the size and preference of style that your spouse or significant other has is important if only because it makes gift giving that much easier.

I had a friend a size med/lge whose husband gave her a birthday gift of a very beautiful little black dress. She loved it except for the fact that it was a small. Fortunately for her husband she thought it was sweet that her husband thought she was that small. Not sure if I would be so cool about that mix-up, because it leads to the question 'how could he not know'?

Me on the other hand alway miss the target when I buy my husband a nice shirt or a nice pair of pants because his style is way more conservative than my style for him. (Insert the question of the last paragraph here :)) So instead I find myself just giving cool electronic gifts for those special occasions. And to be honest there is really nothing wrong with that either.

So the questions that we need to know and would definitely come in handy on the Newlywed Game:
What is/are your favourite colour/s?
What is your shoe size?
What size dress do you wear, shirt, pants?

Being aware always that life happens and these dimensions may go up and down without notice.

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  1. this is great. my husband loves to shop for me, the only problem is that I love to shop too, ha! Oh, and breast feeding made me a c to barely an a, but I dont mind at all. I can wear anything now.


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