Thursday, May 13, 2010

What do you sleep in?

I know strange question to ask.

But this is a topic that always come to mind for me when I think sleeping wear. I am a t-shirt girl. The bigger, the whiter, the more worn the better. Sometimes paired with a nice boxer and that's it.

In the beginning of my marriage my mother after visiting with us was appalled by my choice of sleepwear and sat me down and read me the riot act about the need to give my marriage some attention, get rid of those t-shirts and get some better looking lingerie type garments.
So not the type of conversation you want to be having with your mother!

Of course I had to respond that I didn't have any problems getting some action going on if that is what she was referring to. And I wasn't being facetious I just knew I am not a sexy lingerie wearing to illicit action type of girl. I have tried, but my husband thought it was funny and laughed at me although as you know laughter is a good thing, and I am sure the laughter was more because of my discomfort of being on show than the lingerie itself. Which is so odd considering which female can't rock a bra and panties. The answer is we all can. But call it lingerie and out come a huge dose of bashfulness. Anyway I digress. Chatting with my husband well really my then boyfriend I found out that while he would have enjoyed a show or game if presented to him it wasn't something that he needed and he was in a fan of my t-shirts :) Isn't he sweet.

However, if he had said differently I guess I am sure I would have gotten myself to a point where it would be like rocking my undies.

So what say you sexy lingerie or comfy white t's.?

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  1. No laughing? When we are alone, nada. When we have company t-shirts and sleep pants/shorts.


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