Friday, May 7, 2010

A list of good words only

I read some where, can't remember where, that you should never discuss your spouse or your relationship with anyone else because that could lead to disrespect.

And I found this to be true I may be pissed with my husband and want to vent on him to friends and family- for him leaving his socks laying around or because I am tripping on his gigantic shoes for example, but it doesn't sound so pretty when it is repeated back to me as a man who is lazy and untidy. You open your relationship up to scrutiny that only you should have it under.

So I have to say now I keep my relationship cards close to my heart yes keeping it upbeat and positive even here ;)

Another thing that is important is how you refer to your spouse. If you constantly have him in your mind as deadbeat, lazy, good for nothing, selfish, self-centered... insert your own words ... then you will say as much to family, friends, co-workers, your children. And he/she just may really become all of those things. So this needs to be stopped

I am always awed by the people that make a conscious effort to emphasis the wonderfulness of their spouse. Talking about how good looking they are, thoughtful, sharing, blessed. So I tried it focusing especially on the positives and not so much on the negatives of the person and I was amazed that I didn't see the silly things that annoyed because I was too busy focusing on the good things that were there as well.

Of course we all have negatives we are human after but if we are to have fulfilling long lasting relationships maybe it will do us good to shine a light on the positives.

So things I am reminded of when I am looking for the good in my spouse:

Boy is he full of a generous spirit
Wonderful father
just plain wonderful

I keep this list near by so that when I feel my collar getting hot because he is being oblivious of the time and we ARE late I don't get mad I remember.

What would you put on your list... the beauty of this list if you work it right this list can keep growing and growing.
(ps have a good weekend)


  1. love this idea and your list...there is so much profound truth in this post:

    My List Would Look Something Like this:

    Hard Working
    Incredible provider
    I love how he says his children are his hobby
    Tender Hearted
    Servants Heart
    Super Kissable

    Now I need to save this little list, add to it and stick it over my Bible so I can read it over and over again.

  2. lol......I go over my list...often....maybe too


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