Monday, May 24, 2010

Hopefully a short blip in transmission

Jamaica the land of sun, sand, sea and reggae
does an about turn and highlights it's other side
Bring on the crime, violence and unnecessary silliness!

This weekend my family went off on a relaxing sun-soaked weekend to Ocho Rios just 2 and half hours away from Kingston where we live. We left a slightly damp Kingston and indulged in a much needed albeit short break from the busyness of our life... ok my life.
There was lots of
beauty all around
and sea breeze a plenty.
The children were happy, sun-drenched water-logged :)

Return to Kingston and find our city in a STATE OF EMERGENCY with gunshots and grenades being exchanged between the police and criminal insurgents at almost every corner.
The scary thing is I am not even being over dramatic well maybe the every corner thing. When we were heading in from Ocho Rios all the stories coming in were particularly dire and almost made us turn back.
Fortunately for my family and my friends our corner has not been hit by the violence and gun display.
We are safe.... locked firmly behind closed doors! And not venturing out again until we get the go ahead!

So I breathe a sigh of relief for a second,
but as I do that I have to say a huge prayer for the country and for those people who are not so lucky and are no longer safe in their homes just because of location.

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