Thursday, April 29, 2010

Buggy things

Are you are afraid of bugs? which needs to lead to
Who is going to deal with which bug?
You may be surprised who is freaked out by what!

These are questions that are never discussed ever until you are both standing on a table shrieking! Who is afraid of what.

Personally I despise lizards they crawl my skin and I can't take to see them or be anywhere near them. Living in the Caribbean there is no getting away from them. So much so one day one little creepy decided to share a towel with me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw it and let out a piercing shriek one that I didn't know I had in me and then while flinging the towel with the offending lizard yell for my husband at the top of my lungs. He rushes in immediately asks me what happened, i tell him while pointing that Lizard there there get rid of it I don't care how ARGHHHH! He takes one look at it and jumps on the bed and attempts to fling his shoe at while standing on the bed about a mile away. So I exaggerate about the distance more like three yards away but still FAR. He got the lizard eventually, though I must say that the ridiculousness of seeing him on the bed did relieve my distress.

Now my husband knew I despised lizards but before the bed dance I didn't even know that he shared the same dislike.

On the other hand cockroaches don't bother me I find them disgusting and dirty so I find the nearest shoe---flip flops work best and I squoosh them. And my husband lets me while he sits patiently reading anything (he hates to read) two rooms away. He despises cockroaches.
So I exterminate the cockroaches and he finds a way to shoo the lizards away. I also handle rats and mice though yuck this really grosses me out.

So yeah this is definitely something that could be written down in the early so you are prepared when the bugs come crawling up your legs.

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  1. Bugs crawling up your legs? Hmm, no thanks! I hate cockroaches!


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