Friday, May 14, 2010

The Power of the Written Word

Do you write love notes?

Recently I have had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful young-in-love Christian couple. They actually get married this month.
Wonderful, very sweet couple whose love for God and each other shined through and at times was blinding :)

They share a journal.
Especially when they are going to spend time away from each other

In it they share their thoughts, concerns, their love name it it goes into that book. This tool works to keep them truly focused on their relationship.

What a novel concept sharing your thoughts in writing with someone you love.

But if a journal is a bit extreme how about on occasion writing a note to your significant other saying how you feel or in this age of the internet even send an email.
I found a few printouts of email exchanges that I had with my husband when we were first dating and it was like a jolt to the relationship the reminder of how we felt when we started
Why do we stop the cards, the notes the communication. I don't know but it is tool that couples should use. A simple little one liner is sufficient I LOVE YOU
I Love You


  1. really cute.

    Nick and I actually keep a secret blog.. its just for us.. and most mornings there is a little note left in there for me.

    its been a nice way to communicate in the midst of really crazy busy small children... :) no interruptions... ahhh bliss.

  2. So lovely:) You have a beautiful blog! Have a great weekend:)


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