Friday, August 26, 2011

Posts from the Past

This summer has taken its toll on me,
my computer was sick and then died and I have yet to replace it.
Then I was sick and it took me two weeks to get back my energy.
To now finding my self with a bum shoulder. I think my body is giving up on me
cause geez I did have another birthday this month. Yes I did have a party no balloons but with friends and alcohol :)
and then well it is summer and the children need to be entertained and by golly they have been entertaining me
so definitely not giving me anytime to visit here or visit any of my favourite haunts.
 Seeing that there is two more weeks of summer before it is back to school and I have a little more free time. I leave up some my favourite posts.

I appreciate you
Yes Dear
Surround yourself with Happiness
It's your decision choose it
List of good words only
Just 10 minutes
Just Listen
My bucket list

Hoping Hurricane Irene plays nice with all those on the East Coast.
Happy Weekend to everybody else.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To Grey or Not to Grey!

To grey or not to grey now that question of the day.
I know that many of us never think of this when we hook up with our significant other.
Especially women going grey naturally could easily become a group decision.
I found this out recently...because shocker...
I have quite an accumulation of silver/white/grey hair (what ever you want to call it)
I am actually quite comfortable with my white hair.
My mother has had a patch of white in her hair for all of my life and now she is all white with a touch of pepper. So I think nothing of greying naturally.
However the hubbie is not so sure about that.
Grey hair to him is not a symbol of wisdom or triumph over life nope he sees it as simply old age, stress and a symbol of no sleep.I think it interferes with his sleep.
So as a result I have considered going the route of the bottle to cover up those greys
because there are so many things to battle over and I chose not to let my hair be one of them.
Wonder if I should dye those white hair pink LOL!

Have you ever had this type of discussion?