Monday, August 23, 2010

Surround yourself with happiness

Happiness is waking up to a bed full of children
as you are holding your hubbies hand!

Well to me anyway.
Recently I have been enamored with the picture of my friend and his wife.
She is looking adoringly up at him .... and they have two children. She also speaks lovingly and adoringly of him too and after two children.

I was so not adoring after my two children were born it seemed that all his/our faults were glaringly highlighted after the children's arrival like a very ripe pimple on your forehead the night of the prom.

I am always kind of jealous of women and men who continuously talk gushingly about how absolutely awesome their spouses are.

To be honest it kind of makes me feel like a heel because more time than not I am not gushing adoring about my hubbie because most days he gets under my skin and I am just plain pissed at him. And I am not the most affectionate person whether through words or gestures. Not saying that I am not loving just not mushy or huggy. (I have sensory issues she says smiling)

Of course it is all about attitude as seen in the new to me blog called "Gwen in Love" her post 'Good Intentions' states Your marriage will be so peaceful and happy if you live by the belief that you would never do anything to intentionally hurt your spouse. So true.

In the post she states that instead of getting all bitter and seeing the negative side of your significant other actions it would do you both good if you have a more positive outlook on the action.
Like instead of getting royally pissed that your husband keeps calling you when you are out with the girls because clearly he is checking up on you because he thinks you are up to no good... why not consider that he is worried about you driving home so late by yourself. Now this view has him as thoughtful and caring (by the way this works for guys as well).

Oh and also as this article at says it's best 'If you want to improve your relationship with your spouse, surround yourself with people in successful relationships.'
Can't argue with that!

So when you are feeling that you need to add a little adoration in your day, you should pull out your list of good words about your significant other and then give them a hug.

What is your idea of happiness?


  1. I would love to pull out my list of good words but with three kids under five, I sometimes forget... Must work on this.

  2. I am in a similar situation as Andrea. I have four children but three of them are also under five.

    The only good thing I can think of about my husband is that he is a good father. Oh, and a hard worker. I guess I need to think harder about a list.

    Great article, it really makes you think!

  3. I totally understand Andrea it happens

  4. Thanks Cascia.... When I started my list I had one too then when I really gave it a thought I had like six different wonderful facts about him that I had so forgotten between diapers, bills and late nights out :)

  5. That is such a sweet post!!!
    Happiness for me is my Balazs and my dogs...they make me so happy:)


    ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY, so please join in:)

  6. What a great post! I don't think people with little kids who have "perfect" lives are walking in the truth :-) In other words...I call them liars ;-) There is just no way anyone is that happy. I have a facebook friend I keep around just for laughs because the stuff she writes is so funny I swear she must take about 5 different anti-depressants to keep up that mood with her 2 kids and her full time career! Anyways...loved what you wrote! And i'm following you now from blog frog! ~Kimberly


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