Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To Grey or Not to Grey!

To grey or not to grey now that question of the day.
I know that many of us never think of this when we hook up with our significant other.
Especially women going grey naturally could easily become a group decision.
I found this out recently...because shocker...
I have quite an accumulation of silver/white/grey hair (what ever you want to call it)
I am actually quite comfortable with my white hair.
My mother has had a patch of white in her hair for all of my life and now she is all white with a touch of pepper. So I think nothing of greying naturally.
However the hubbie is not so sure about that.
Grey hair to him is not a symbol of wisdom or triumph over life nope he sees it as simply old age, stress and a symbol of no sleep.I think it interferes with his sleep.
So as a result I have considered going the route of the bottle to cover up those greys
because there are so many things to battle over and I chose not to let my hair be one of them.
Wonder if I should dye those white hair pink LOL!

Have you ever had this type of discussion?

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