Thursday, June 16, 2011

The marrying age


A friend of mine's little brother got married recently
I was shocked
I instantly thought he was too young to be married
Imagine a young boy like that getting married (28)
too young
I always have this belief that men should be at least 30 when they marry
ensuring that most of the oats are sowed....
and then I paused for moment and did some maths ( I try not to do this very often LOL)
It seemed like ages ago (and it was looking 41 here :s)
but gee if I didn't get married at 29 with my hubbie being 28
yup I am a mini cougar .
So much for my theory.
Have you given any thought about what is a good marrying age ?

Anyways looking at his wedding pictures he is the epitome of being in-love and I thought what a lucky girl
but then you see her and she is just ooozing in-loveness as well.
Newly married love is so sweet to witness.

I have only two, ok three pieces of advice to give to him

2) Remember to spend time with each other if only for 10 minutes every day
1) Kiss Kiss and Kiss some more your sweetie

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  1. ooh, I was just thinking about this recently! here in the south so many people get married in there early 20's, like 20-21. I was considered older for waiting till my mid 20's. I really would love ellie to wait a bit. to know who she is before she ties the knot. (I know I am thinking way too far ahead)


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