Monday, June 13, 2011

Let's talk about sex ....

I haven't done this in such a long time... I went blog walking
and I happened about one of my fav blogs again
Gwen in Love
As usual there are a few posts I want to reblog but I especially like
Money, Sex and Happiness and Adding a Little Variety

Yes I know how odd that I am talking about sex as I never do.
Well because in a word I am a prude!
But because I don't talk about it doesn't mean that I don't think that we should all have it and have it often.
As couples we all need to make the effort to not get lost in the day to day drudgery of work, bills, commuting and children and  loss our intimacy. Being intimate, communicating with each other are key elements of long lasting coupledom.... Soooo let's talk about it.
According to WebMD  (the inspiration for Gwen's blog) Dartmouth College economist David Blachflower and Andrew Oswald of the University of Warwick in England report that sex "enters so strongly (and) positively in happiness equations" that they estimate increasing intercourse from once a month to once a week is equivalent to the amount of happiness generated by getting an additional $50,000 in income for the average American.
Overall, the happiest folks are those getting the most sex -- married people, who report 30% more between-the-sheets action than single folks. In fact, the economists calculate that a lasting marriage equates to happiness generated by getting an extra $100,000 each year.

Isn't that cool!
Now that you know this would you tumble into bed with your significant other to do more than sleep together? 
Did you ever think there would be a time that sleep would win over sex?

If you think you need help spicing things up in your routine
see the next post from Gwen that has me tickled. Adding a Little Variety
These suggestions are my favourites:
Have secret words so you can imply what you want in front of the kids (e.g. ice cream=sex).
Have a quickie.
Don't wear underwear under your clothing. This may work better-or at least feel more comfortable-with a dress or a skirt.
Have sex with all of the lights on.
Keep eye contact throughout the entire sexual experience- especially during orgasm when you naturally want to close your eyes. This could be one of the most intimate moments you've shared.>> This one though I think I would laugh too much and spoil the mood though laughter is never a bad thing

What say you?

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