Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Redbook's Hot Husband 2011

I just had to reblog this article on MSN from Redbook
The Hottest Husband in America, 2011

As you know I love stories like these.
I also think that communication through the form of notes, cards and emails should be definitely encouraged in a couple. And this article has all of it. And the husband is not bad looking.
"I still write Julie love letters," Kyle says. "The one I wrote for her birthday last year listed all the reasons I love her." But for Julie, his most romantic move is the mornings he wakes up with their two boys, Luke and Caleb, and lets her sleep in. "Being a father is Kyle's favorite role and greatest joy in life," she says.
 Isn't that sweet. I wish I could sleep in too... Oh now  I remember, I do, most Saturdays I get an extra hour while hubby tries to keep the children quiet as they tear up the house.
Most days husband get a bad rap so it is good to see one being showcased in such a wonderfully positive light.


  1. Aww..that is such a sweet quote. Kisses and have a fantastic day

  2. I think I need to forward this to my husband... Shh!


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