Friday, July 9, 2010

Call me....

with the many numerous ways that we can stay connected.
Why is it that it is still so hard to receive a little phone call, text, email stating simply

I'm running late!

Sigh don't they know (your significant other) that you start to think all manners of possible ways that they may be...
laying in a ditch
wrapped around a pole
being held up by knife/gun point
you name it I am sure it crossed your mind

just after the possible thought of ...
oh that rat he is hanging out the boys again
yikes I knew that girl at work was too flirty
briefly flickers through and gets dismissed.

I think it should be a mandatory understanding that if you are running late or you plan to be late that you communicate this fact .
BUT I know it doesn't always happen.
This is what I would write in the manual:

I EXPECT a phone call whether you are late drinking with the boys or late because of work! And i promise to do the same!
What say you?!


  1. It's good to be in touch but I'm really not much of a phone person! Following you for more! :)


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