Monday, April 19, 2010

This dude doesnt know me at all?!

Revisiting birthdays.
Right about the time I started thinking about the Manual I realized that the Big 4-0 was rapidly approaching and instantly I knew I had to start saving because I was going to throw the biggest, most extravagant party that I could afford. Yeah there I am with the need to party again what did I say - balloons , lights, present, cake and definitely ice cream and of course in this case a whole lot of bubbly :) I could just see it friends and family over stuffing the venue of my choosing. No one would excluded. Maybe I'll hire a dj and I have to hire a event planner. Oh boy I really have to start saving. I cant wait to spend some much needed attention on me... oh excitement
I said as much to my husband bubbling over with enthusiasm (which is strange considering how scary 4o is fo r me... I am still trying to adjust to the thirties and now I am leaving it arhhhhh!) and his response was with a scowl on his face- Is that all you can think of a party?! You turning 40 and you want to party. Well pop goes that bubble!
And all that could run through my head was--Gee I need a divorce this guy doesn't know me at all!

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