Friday, April 16, 2010

Keeping the spark lit

I love romance movies and novels. There is something about that first touch, the first spark that lights the passions of the hero and heroine that makes me weak at the knee and it always makes me think of my relationship if we are going good and also if we are not going that good.
That first look and electric touch is what got me head first eye open into this marriage. Oh the first few weeks/months of newness.. passion and ache. Oh i remember those long drawn out kisses in that little civic that he had. Sigh it is a pity that it can't last forever. Though it does to an extent just a little more muted because life is allowed to take precedence over it. You know life those bills, expenses,work and it's deadlines and stresses, CHILDREN they happen and totally flip your idyllic passionate life.
And before you know it you think that you are not passionate for your significant other anymore. It would be so easy to just move on, but that simple little rule of always finding couple time is very very valuable and necessary. Without it that flame could be allowed to fizzle under the pressure of life demands.

It is important to define though what is date night for both persons. If watching your husband play Playstation while the kids are asleep is not your idea of date night then it should be dealt with and made clear. For years my husband's ideal date night has consisted of popcorn, hot dogs and a movie either in a theater or at home. Me on the other hand was not so excited by it. I think plays, dinner at a fancy slash that nice restaurant. But overtime and four children later hot dogs and movies are right on spot. Though it does leave me feeling a bit nostalgic for a little more, but having never really communicated this to my husband he thinks that we are great with movies.

If I had only stated it once maybe I would get a dinner date every now and again. So here again is something that would go nicely in that manual if we had one.

And the question would go like this for me:

What would you like to do with your spare time?
Read, watch Tv, bake , paint, draw

What do you think is a great date night?
Dinner for two at a fabulous Italian restaurant
Dinner and drinks with friends and then possibly a movie
Party with dancing

Pretty different from movie and a hot dog huh LOL

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