Thursday, September 30, 2010

Freaky Little Nicole

Well lo and behold
A little depression over Jamaica turned into a full-blown storm named Nicole!
She was scary because she was sneaky
no one really expected her to be anything
a little rain with some gusty winds, 
but she was more!
With the clap of her hands and the flash of her jewellry
she was destructive
she tore down- houses and roofs
she built up- gullies turned into sidewalks
And when she was finished she moved on leaving her groupies behind 
and became a wave and made her way to Miami

The thing about storms and the power outage that ensues it leaves you with lots and lots of time on your hand.
You can't go out because the rains are torrential ( okay just wanted to write that word) very heavy
and you cant watch tv or blog because there are no lights!
So at first the nerves get  frayed and small arguments erupt
but if you lucky you get bored of those and then
woohoo conversations happen and even some listening!
And if you are not exhausted by the sheer stress of the weather and the no lights situation
then some intimacy will definitely occur. See here for examples.


Happy that the rain though still going is not as heavy and that we are getting back to normal and yes we have lights and some water back as well!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine!

It's morning time!
So are you a jump out of bed smiling kinda person
Are you grumpus I really don't like you right now because I need more sleepus?

Honestly I am some where in the middle.
Before you speak to me in the morning I need my cup of tea!
if you speak to me before that I probably wouldn't be grumpy but I will be groggy and will take a loooong time to compute what is being said to me.
The hubbie most morning, however, is a huge ball of prickly.
Whether it be the early rise
his brain just simply busy thinking of his extensive to-do-list... not sure
but he is surely not the best conversationalist in the morning.

And to the groggy mind he can off rather standoffish and curt!

Lucky for him I understand and give him his waking time and by 45 minutes he is his bright shiny self again.
It made me think though of the times when I didn't understand him as good as I do now and my entire day would be ruined by some prickly comment or non comment of his.
Because I would naturally have to give the silent treatment and he being in his own world would easily miss it so the silent treatment and the anger would persist in me and by the end of the day I wouldn't want to see him much less hug him!
Sigh if I only knew then what I know now there would be so much more hugging and less grumpiness on my part LOL.

How are you in the morning?
Do you need your space to wake up and get sorted?
Or do you need conversation and a good cup of coffee to get you going?
Have you ever been so prickly that ouch it hurt?
Has it happen to you?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It is not that easy...

We watched Date Night recently.
You know the one with Tina Fey and Steve Carell.
It is  funny
It made us laugh
It was a perfect choice for our in-house date night!

After all the laughs and giggles this is what stuck with me... Steve Carell's character told his wife that he wanted to help out but she wouldn't let him and that it wasn't fair that she was annoyed that she had to do everything ( okay so I paraphrase the lines but it went something like that)

How many of us are guilty of this? I know I am.
If I was to ask a show of hands I am sure I would see pretty much the whole room.
For one I know I would love to ask but the time it takes to get the deed done I usually just find it easier to do it myself.

I have read elsewhere that you should learn to 'delegate' to your significant other and just close your eyes to how it is done and just appreciate that it is being done.


Not sure I can do that. I always wonder why if you know what I like and how I like things done then when you are doing it why wouldn't you try to at least match it to the best of your ability such as folding towels.
Don't you like itwhen it is folded in eights and not just rolled into a ball?

I always think it is cool that the hubbie helps with breakfast (usually every blue moon or soon) but I could never ever understand why the original location of the milk, juice, ice and hot chocolate is so quickly forgotten by him. And gee knives perched on the toaster oven is an usual occurrence.

I guess what I am getting at is this why couldn't it be a case where the hubbie really does it the way it should be not just some hurried ...well you know I am doing you a favour kind of way.
Hey we have to learn his idiosyncracies?

What do you think about that?
Are you able to just close your eyes and share the tasks?
Is it you that needs to get with his program?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I got an award :)

I am beyond ecstatic about getting my first blogger award ever.
Doing a happy dance

Especially after my last post it warmed my heart  to receive the Versatile Blogger Award from Silent Chatter.  :D

The rules for winning this award are as follows:

* Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
* Share 7 things about yourself.
* Pass the award along to 15 other bloggers who you recently discovered and think are fabulous.
* Contact the bloggers you chose and let them know about the award.

So thank you thank you Silent Chatter for making my day and for your informative blog.

7 things about me hmmm:
  1. In February 2011 I would be married 12 years.
  2. I very rarely blog about being a parent to a child with autism or for that matter the trial of being a mother of twins and as such four children.
  3. I do think I am addicted to blogging and tweeting. (she shakes her head LOL)
  4. I think I despise homework more than my children do. 
  5. I love baking and I especially love cupcakes.
  6. My children are my world
  7. I am so thankful that God created technology :) because it allows me to speak to my sisters and my mother as often as I please even though I live a few thousand miles away from them

I give this award to:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I see it one way ... How do you see it again?

What a heated discussion we had this weekend!
And it was all centered around a locker room that neither of us have ever been.

As I have mentioned before communication is not our strongest point, well neither is our ability to have a discussion. It always leads to an argument.

Well maybe I should give a little back ground into the people that are my husband and me.
My hubbie is mostly neanderthal* with a little bit of 1980's slapped in there some where and a whole lot of locker room mentality. And I am a bra burning feminist woman can do anything man can do girlie..well without the bra burning ( I happen to love wearing a bra and the lift it gives hahaha) and I am kinda girlie.

It is no wonder we lock horns more time than not.
And what was the topic you are probably wondering... it was about the Mexican TV reporter Ines Sainz that has been causing quite a stir in sports media lately.

He said : "Are you seeing what she's wearing?!" while pointing at the screen
"those jeans are skin tight it is as if they were painted on!"
"And all that cleavage showing" ( well he said out of door but that is Jamaican lingo)
 "She look for what she got... she was looking for trouble imagine that is how she went  to work!"
Scrowl on face

I said: " What does her outfit have to do with the fact that the players were dropping their towels and heckling her. It shows a total lack of professionalism on their side"
Even if she was dressed inappropriately it still doesn't excuse how the players behaved!"

He said " This woman equality nonsense that you women won is foolishness! Look what it got you why is she even in the male locker room"
Those jeans were skin tight"

I said: "what does her outfit have to do with fact that they should have acted better!"

He said: "See this is why i don't like talking to you!"
Scrowl on face

I said: HUH
What did i say?!
silent treatment for half an hour LOL

I always forget that many times my hubbie would just like to be RIGHT. But seeing that I am ALWAYS RIGHT we have issues!
I have a hard time agreeing with something that goes against my thinking... but honestly why not who cares if Ines jeans were too tight or not ( She is Latin and you know they turn up the sex button at every chance)
Reality is I don't think that any interviews should be happening in any locker room anytime whether it is done by a male or a female. I just had to stick in my point that's all.

Corey from Simple Marriage has an interesting points on communication that to me ties in with this post give it a read.

What are your views on this silly discussion!

Do you think she looked for her treatment?
Do you think the men in their lockers should have been less meat head?
How about talking and not arguing is that possible?

*Oh and how could I forget my sweet, generous spirit husband is not really a neanderthal. He only gets that title when he beats his chest and goes UGh and that fortunately happens very rarely :D

Friday, September 10, 2010


Gee when I started this blog my intention was to blog every day!
Using this format as a way to organize my thoughts and kick-start my dream to write!
And I mean really write :)

And i did in the beginning.
I purposely kept the blog clean. Free from pictures, fancy type, clutter!

Every day I posted something and then it was every other day, then twice a week and now it seems to be once a week MAYBE lol

Somewhere along the way the purpose of this blog got sidetracked and I started to fret about readers, the design, comments or the lack there of, feedbacks
and this led me on a quest to make my blog better so that I would have more readers, comments and followers so forth.

I joined a fabulous community - Blogfrog and got sidetracked with commenting there and visiting all those wonderful blogs and commenting everywhere. I love stomping all through people's blogs and commenting.. can't help my self it is addictive :)

But still very little visits or comments to my space- felt depressed

And then I did the #31 DBB challenge... okay started but had to give up because it was summer and honestly it was overwhelming to me. Needing to attention my children had to take precedent over this blog.

It also didn't help that all of a sudden I couldn't get the words out of my brain.
AND my beloved hubbie the muse of this blog was pissing me off so royally that even my good words were not working. That passed though Phew!

Well school is back in session and
I pledged to discipline myself with my blogtrotting and as Nike says JUST DO IT :)

So with a renewed desire I am back to my blogging because though I don't have many comments I realized that I do have some friends who do check in on me and comment from time to time. So I will fret no more and continue to enjoy sharing what i have learned and am learning.

So what have you been up to?
Have you been melting down like me?
Or have you been enjoying life and blogging as you should?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Weekend

Making coffee has become the great compromise of the decade. It's the only thing "real" men do that doesn't seem to threaten their masculinity. To women, it's on the same domestic entry level as putting the spring back into the toilet-tissue holder or taking a chicken out of the freezer to thaw.
-- Erma Bombeck

Don't you just love Erma :)