Thursday, September 30, 2010

Freaky Little Nicole

Well lo and behold
A little depression over Jamaica turned into a full-blown storm named Nicole!
She was scary because she was sneaky
no one really expected her to be anything
a little rain with some gusty winds, 
but she was more!
With the clap of her hands and the flash of her jewellry
she was destructive
she tore down- houses and roofs
she built up- gullies turned into sidewalks
And when she was finished she moved on leaving her groupies behind 
and became a wave and made her way to Miami

The thing about storms and the power outage that ensues it leaves you with lots and lots of time on your hand.
You can't go out because the rains are torrential ( okay just wanted to write that word) very heavy
and you cant watch tv or blog because there are no lights!
So at first the nerves get  frayed and small arguments erupt
but if you lucky you get bored of those and then
woohoo conversations happen and even some listening!
And if you are not exhausted by the sheer stress of the weather and the no lights situation
then some intimacy will definitely occur. See here for examples.


Happy that the rain though still going is not as heavy and that we are getting back to normal and yes we have lights and some water back as well!


  1. Wow, I can't even imagine. I have never even been close to a storm like that. The most exciting weather I have ever been around was the snow storms that were so big that the snow drifts would go up and sometimes over people's roofs. That was when I was growing up in Wyoming. Glad everything is ok and getting back to normal!

  2. yikes! So glad you all are okay and some what functioning again.

  3. Wow! That would scare me a bit! Ms. Gayle, I left you a bloggy award on my blog. Come and get it! :-) ~Kimberly

  4. I love "Storm Parties" at our house. Glow sticks, candles, picnics on the floor---junk food!!

    And the intimacy thing is awful nice too :)

  5. LOVE the way you personified her. Poetry is my first love.
    And so glad to hear you are all ok.

  6. Andrea I am actually new to the love of poetry and writing... I am usually shocked at myself when it just flows out of me and it is prose.
    ( I fought writing for so long it was just so hard to do in school but take out the rules and I love it !)


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