Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I see it one way ... How do you see it again?

What a heated discussion we had this weekend!
And it was all centered around a locker room that neither of us have ever been.

As I have mentioned before communication is not our strongest point, well neither is our ability to have a discussion. It always leads to an argument.

Well maybe I should give a little back ground into the people that are my husband and me.
My hubbie is mostly neanderthal* with a little bit of 1980's slapped in there some where and a whole lot of locker room mentality. And I am a bra burning feminist woman can do anything man can do girlie..well without the bra burning ( I happen to love wearing a bra and the lift it gives hahaha) and I am kinda girlie.

It is no wonder we lock horns more time than not.
And what was the topic you are probably wondering... it was about the Mexican TV reporter Ines Sainz that has been causing quite a stir in sports media lately.

He said : "Are you seeing what she's wearing?!" while pointing at the screen
"those jeans are skin tight it is as if they were painted on!"
"And all that cleavage showing" ( well he said out of door but that is Jamaican lingo)
 "She look for what she got... she was looking for trouble imagine that is how she went  to work!"
Scrowl on face

I said: " What does her outfit have to do with the fact that the players were dropping their towels and heckling her. It shows a total lack of professionalism on their side"
Even if she was dressed inappropriately it still doesn't excuse how the players behaved!"

He said " This woman equality nonsense that you women won is foolishness! Look what it got you why is she even in the male locker room"
Those jeans were skin tight"

I said: "what does her outfit have to do with fact that they should have acted better!"

He said: "See this is why i don't like talking to you!"
Scrowl on face

I said: HUH
What did i say?!
silent treatment for half an hour LOL

I always forget that many times my hubbie would just like to be RIGHT. But seeing that I am ALWAYS RIGHT we have issues!
I have a hard time agreeing with something that goes against my thinking... but honestly why not who cares if Ines jeans were too tight or not ( She is Latin and you know they turn up the sex button at every chance)
Reality is I don't think that any interviews should be happening in any locker room anytime whether it is done by a male or a female. I just had to stick in my point that's all.

Corey from Simple Marriage has an interesting points on communication that to me ties in with this post give it a read.

What are your views on this silly discussion!

Do you think she looked for her treatment?
Do you think the men in their lockers should have been less meat head?
How about talking and not arguing is that possible?

*Oh and how could I forget my sweet, generous spirit husband is not really a neanderthal. He only gets that title when he beats his chest and goes UGh and that fortunately happens very rarely :D


  1. My husband and I find ourselves yelling just to be heard over the clamor of children! So it often seems that talking = fighting

  2. good to see a new post up :)
    I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award and would love for you to come by and pick it up when you have time.
    Here is the direct link: http://www.silentchatter.com/blogging/my-first-award/

    Looking forward to reading more on your blog, have a great week :)

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