Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine!

It's morning time!
So are you a jump out of bed smiling kinda person
Are you grumpus I really don't like you right now because I need more sleepus?

Honestly I am some where in the middle.
Before you speak to me in the morning I need my cup of tea!
if you speak to me before that I probably wouldn't be grumpy but I will be groggy and will take a loooong time to compute what is being said to me.
The hubbie most morning, however, is a huge ball of prickly.
Whether it be the early rise
his brain just simply busy thinking of his extensive to-do-list... not sure
but he is surely not the best conversationalist in the morning.

And to the groggy mind he can off rather standoffish and curt!

Lucky for him I understand and give him his waking time and by 45 minutes he is his bright shiny self again.
It made me think though of the times when I didn't understand him as good as I do now and my entire day would be ruined by some prickly comment or non comment of his.
Because I would naturally have to give the silent treatment and he being in his own world would easily miss it so the silent treatment and the anger would persist in me and by the end of the day I wouldn't want to see him much less hug him!
Sigh if I only knew then what I know now there would be so much more hugging and less grumpiness on my part LOL.

How are you in the morning?
Do you need your space to wake up and get sorted?
Or do you need conversation and a good cup of coffee to get you going?
Have you ever been so prickly that ouch it hurt?
Has it happen to you?


  1. What I love about the blogging world is that you can be led to a great blog post just through comments.

    I so needed to read this today.

    1) I'm not a morning person. I like quiet for at least 30 minutes. That being said, I get up earlier than my boyfriend so by the time he's up, I'm usually in a talkative mood.

    I get up at 4:30 to wake the puppies (sometimes earlier if Rodrigo calls for me). I groan at the thought of getting out of bed (I just fell asleep an hour ago), but then I think of my puppies, smile slowly, and head down to take care of business.

    2) My boyfriend and I moved in together in October. We moved in to his house and we had some struggles, but we're really struggling now, because we moved into OUR house in June. Talk about misreading each other. We're realizing that we don't know each other's cues as well as we thought so we have some rocky moments, but we bounce back pretty quickly.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Hmm, I am a get it done kind of person. My husband sleeps in to the very last second and runs out the door "irritating". So in return this means I have to get everyone ready by my lone some. Some mornings easier than others.

  3. My daughter wakes up at 6am almost every morning. I have gotten used to it but it is not my favorite. I'm still a bit asleep and head straight for coffee!

  4. On Saturdays and Sundays, I can roll over and ignore most stuff. Hubby dutifully gets up with the kids between 6 and 7 --- this is "sleeping in" for him, because his day usually starts at 5 and he often goes to bed 1 to 4 hours earlier than I do!

    Monday through Friday, the kid thing falls on me. While I do my best to wake up with a happy face, the sheer task of getting 4 kids up and downstairs without waking the whole neighborhood, sometimes I'm still the grump for a bit. Never been a morning person. I live in California, but my live would be best suited for Hawaiian time! ;-)


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