Sunday, November 28, 2010

And the sun will set!

Steel Magnolia is one of my favourite movies.
I may have seen it a few thousand times.
Yet I laugh out loud,
I giggle
and a cry up a storm
and just when I am sinking into the tears
I am laughing again.
Every single time!

I watched it today and  for the first time it hit me, as I watched the family deal with Shelby's (Julia Roberts) impending death and the decision to take her off of life support, the importance of knowing each other wishes if ever a situation like that was to happen.

Would you want to stay on life support as long as is possible or would you rather have a non-resuscitate order written down somewhere?
How about when you do die will you be buried, cremated or sunk at sea (okay buried)?
A will? Yes one is needed, but how soon do you get one?

Yes today my favourite movie had me thinking some seemingly morbid thoughts.
Though they may be morbid. They are reality.
They are thoughts that should be expressed a few times with your significant other because just as life happens so is death inevitable.

So do you have a plan?  Have you ever thought of what you would do?
( I haven't but thinking about it now)


  1. You know I used to think I knew exactly what I wanted, non resuscitate, cremation, etc etc. But now I think maybe I would leave it up to my family. For some reason it feels like it wouldn't matter to me as much anymore because I wasn't really there. Just whatever made my family more comfortable.

  2. I don't think I ever saw this movie! I am fine with dying although I would like to see my babies grow up and be married and have grandbabies. But knowing I will be going to Heaven one day kind of rocks!


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