Friday, December 3, 2010

Managing the hubbie

The other day I was blushing from all the wonderful compliments that my hubbie was unexpectantly piling on me.

All of a sudden I was
and while we were at it I was
(his words not mine!)

what caused this surge of emotion? you may be wondering
well he actually listened to me
yes yes you heard right he listened to me
mind you I very quietly said the thing over and over for about four day and NO I didn't NAG LOL!

Yes he listened to me and did something with his mother that not only made his mother happy it actually made him feel good!
hmmm can you feel the rumbling of that I TOLD YA SO coming out from deep within.

well luckily for him it didn't come LOL.
because this is one thing that I know for sure falls in my portfolio.
I am the one that is responsible for birthdays, celebrations and proper mother etiquette LOL
and strangely this role doesn't phase me at all.

Are you the one that is responsible for maintaining  family relations?
Do you mind it?
What different role do you have that you embrace and just doesn't phase you?


  1. yeah! wives are meant to make husbands better and vice a versa, right? I am not the one to keep his family relations going at all, but then again we have a not so average situation ;)

  2. Honestly I am confounded by this one. My DH's family lives thousands of miles away and I do not know them that well. In fact his mother has not even met our twins yet. And they are two! And when I suggest sending x-mas gifts he kind of shrugs it off. Their kids are older and he used to buy them tons when they were younger. So, I have no idea what to do with them.


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