Monday, November 1, 2010

My 7yr old daughter proclaimed very matter-of-factly this week that school is too hard and that she would be staying home next year instead of moving up to Grade 3!
Feeling sad, I had to give her a hug  because I knew that this was only the beginning.
The work is guaranteed to add up and maybe become even harder!
So I sat her down and reminded her that everything is hard in the beginning and
with practice,
practice and
more practice
you would soon find that the same thing that she once found to be hard would be as easy as pie.
And cited my favourite example of her ability to cartwheel.
The need to do the cartwheel perfect from the beginning used to bring her to tears
but with some cajoling she practiced and practiced until now she is a cartwheel expert.

Too hard!
Sometimes aspects of marriage can feel too hard to bear...
But you know what if you keep in mind that to be the best at anything you have to practice, practice, practice.

practice at communication,
practice at being loving,
practice at supporting
practice at being the best wife/husband possible
Then you will be on your way to perfecting that cartwheel
or in this case marriage
 And before you know it you can have the marriage that you been dreaming of!

Or in other words anything worth its salt is worth working at it!


  1. My boyfriend's son confides in me instead of his parents - this weekend he told me that he has so much on his plate that sometimes he wants to sit on his bed and cry. Wow! He's thirteen, dealing with the stresses of puberty, harder classes, he's on 2 basketball teams, in band, and he feels that he needs a new $300 cell phone and a 2nd xbox 360 so that he can have one at each house.

    At 39, I roll my eyes and think "get over it." But then I look in that sad face and tell him that it'll be just fine. Then I tell his father, because I was out of my league.

  2. Awww, lil thing. You are a good Momma! I love what you said about practicing in marriage too :-)

  3. How did I miss all these posts, G? Love catching up with you and am praying that this storm, Tomas is it, doesn't do any damage. hugs, g


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