Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Men who kiss their partners before leaving for work average higher incomes than those who don’t. 

Isn't that an interesting fact to know LOL!
I stumbled upon this list on Yahoo yesterday 10 quirky facts about kissing and had to share it with you all.

I have lifted the one I love:
  • A simple peck uses two muscles; a passionate kiss, on the other hand, uses all 34 muscles in your face. Now that’s a rigorous workout! 
  • Talk about a rush! Kissing releases the same neurotransmitters in our brains as parachuting, bungee jumping, and running. 
Like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two lip impressions are alike.
And of course the one I started with.

Do you remember to kiss your significant other when they leave through the door?
When they get back?

I don't remember, But look at the benefits I am missing
Today is a good day as any to start smooching!


  1. That is so interesting. It really makes sense though. A kissed husband is probably happier and more productive during the day. I almost always hug mine, but I may have to start the kissing. I could always use more money. ;)

  2. My husband and I definitely need to work on this more---but sometimes it's hard to remember when you're dealing w/ all these other things, the kids, etc....but I need to MAKE time.


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