Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A piece of the housework pie...

especially weekends,
when the lion's share of the family work falls on me I find myself getting grumbly  and grumpy.
Why can't I just chill?
Why do I have to do the homework? Can't you see that mess that the children are making?
Why can't I get some help over here? Yes you dude the one lounging on the couch vegging on football!
Why do I feel like a single parent?


To combat this grumpiness I have recently started thinking about those women or men who are married to or together with someone in the army and stationed overseas, or to pilots who fly the foreign skies or even doctor, firefighters or policemen.

These men/women are very rarely home and I could be wrong but I feel that their significant others wouldn't waste their time grumbling about the share of work once their hubbies were home.

My brother-in-law is a commercial pilot and I know his wife doesn't grumble she just gets it done... because at the end of it all the time they have together is so much more important.
I wonder if I could be so even about doing everything like a single parent but not really.

So I remind myself of these people on those days that I am grumping about feeling like I do all the work and murmuring that if feels as if I was a single parent. Because some people have no choice but to do it all themselves even though they are couple. Oh and now I am thinking about those persons tending to a sick partner as well as keeping the household going! They really have to do it almost alone so I guess i will definitely stop grumping now :)

What coping techniques do you have to keep sane? Or should I say less grumpy?
Does it involve brownies? or cupcakes?

( I know I know the picture of the pie has nothing to do with the post but I just like pumpkin pie!)


  1. such a good reminder. It would be hard to not have him here at all.

  2. LoL But grumbling IS a coping technique;-) Seriously though I cope by giving myself days off, closing my eyes to the mess some days and ordering out.


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