Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Newlywed Game and the Sunday Newspaper

As much as we fight it... we watch way too much television.
And the popular programme of choice that we both can watch together is usually something reality or game related.
Recently we were watching the Newlywed Game (I blame my mother she is a game show network fanatic) :

One of the question asked was 'Which part of the Sunday Newspaper does your wife reach for?' And while I was thinking the comics of course...
the hubbie was saying 'Well the Style and Career section of course'

Can you guess who was right?!

Drumroll please.....

The hubster
Can you believe it.
I was shocked of course he was right he did know me better than I thought.

Growing up and into college the comics, then the entertainment /fashion section was my favourite read but over the last few years I do instinctively reach for the sections that he said after glancing at the front page headlines.
If we were on the game and this was the deciding question we will have lost the game because I would have answered incorrectly lol.
I think every couple should watch a game or two of the Newlywed Game...
yes it is a silly show and the contestants even sillier, but the questions asked sometimes are genius in their ability to foster communication and to add to your interesting couples only trivia facts.

Surprising at it may be when you least expect it your significant other just may be paying attention and may know you better than you think.
I say test it and see what comes out of it! You just may learn something you didn't know!


  1. Sometimes I am surprised by how aware my husband is about my personality, but sometimes I do wonder if he even knows me at all. :)

  2. Just when you least expect it. I was having a horrible day last week but not saying anything and my DH said why don't you go to the spa next weekend. Totally surprised me!

  3. That's funny, I would have said the comics too and my husband would say the sports section.

  4. We don't get the paper anymore but when we did I usually read the front page and the local section first. Yes I am strange but I do enjoy keeping up with current events.

  5. don't you just love when they surprise you like that.


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