Thursday, July 29, 2010

But I don't like it Hmmm...

Recently I received a gift from an old friend that I just didn't think was me
And I know that she must have said it is all me I could just hear her say "WooHoo this looks like Gayle!"
So I am stuck with the task of saying sorry but no cigar. In the nicest possible I will not hurt your feelings way.

Which made me think...
when we get a gift from a significant other do we do the same thing try to shield their feelings or are we more direct.

My mother was famous for telling my stepfather off if he got her something that didn't fit or that wasn't her style. Or worse she would simply say nothing and would re-gift it almost immediately to the first person that walked through the door. He started to take here with him when he shopped for her.
My hubbie is like her he doesn't mince words and that is why I don't buy him any gifts. Unless he has said it a few times that he wants it and or he goes with me to get it.

Me on the other hand I would sugar coat my dislike and would actually use the gift once or twice because the way I see it if someone has made the effort to get me a gift then I should appreciate just that.

Which way is better being direct and showing your displeasure in your gift or should you soften your dislike and just say thank you?
Or should you drop hints and make a list thus making the need for guesswork less?

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  1. Not sure which way is better. I can never tell them I don't like it, I am weak!


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