Monday, July 19, 2010

Over time.

My husband is a Food Network fanatic!

And it is my fault!

I am a huge fan of FoodNetwork and the television is stuck on either this channel or HGTV.
Since he wouldn't be caught dead watching HGTV (his words not mine) invariably I would switch it over to Food Network and we watch some cooking. So overtime he has been won over and now he is always on the channel or spouting something that Guy from 'Diner, Drive-ins and Dives' just mentioned. This is cool though it does highlight my lack of skill in the cooking department. giggle.

This made me realize that it is possible that even though in the beginning you may think you have nothing in common with your significant other than your love for each other that you will all of a sudden find that you do have one or two things in common.

And frankly if what ever it is gives you some together time then woohoo things are looking up.

Here is a link to a thought provoking post I read recently that speaks to compromising in marriage I am not sure I agree with most of what he said but it did make me think. Read it and see what you get from it.


  1. Very interesting. Goodness, my husband has never said anything like that to me re. well I went here so you give me sex.

    I don't really agree with much of what he said. I think marriage is more about giving to eachother. When you both do this, each other's needs is fulfilled... but it's an ongoing learning process.

    I know my husband and I have compromised, as we grow closer to each other.

  2. I think the end of his article totally contradicts the rest of it. How can he define compromise as both parties walking away equally unhappy, and then go on to say

    "when two equally powerful people both clearly state their needs [...] an elegant solution can arise that is satisfactory to both partners."

    I think women and mothers do a lot of putting others needs first without caving, but simply for love.

    Very thought provoking! :-)

  3. That is so interesting...I am off to read that article...Thanks so much:) Kisses and see you soon,sweetie
    Happy Sunday:)


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