Thursday, February 16, 2012

From the archives - my A-Ha moment

 Monday, February 14, 2011

That A-Ha your it moment...

The first time I ever laid eyes on the guy that would be my husband
was say the second month of my college life.
I was sitting in 'the pit' soaking in the college vibe
and then this guy caught my eye.
What a surreal movie moment
It was as if light was surrounding him
a spot light shining down from the heaven
There he walked dressed in suit and tie swinging a briefcase
( yes I did say we were in college but he is preppy like that... picture a black Micheal J. Fox)
and I thought wow now that is a good looking fella
That is the guy I am going to marry!
Screech!!!!!!!!!! What was that... where did that come from!
I instantly panicked because it was the strangest sensation I just knew that it was true even though we had not even met. It didn't help that I didn't plan to get married ever and also I was in a long-distance relationship already to confuse the brain.
So I quickly chastised my self and let it slip out of my mind.
But as faith would have it
The guy introduced himself a month later, we did the friend thing for a bit and
when we were both single
we gave it a try
as I predicted
it felt right
we felt right
and I did want to marry him in the end!
In honour of Valentines Love season and with the help of some of my blogger friends I am happy to have again this year the  A-Ha love series to celebrate February, love, relationships and of course my anniversary- teehee looking at 13 years on Valentine's day.
 If you would like to share your A~HA moment please email me at gaylenjc@gmaildotcom I intend on celebrating for the entire month of February!


  1. I still love this post! Puts my story to shame.

  2. LOL No it doesn't Andrea. Your story is awesome!


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