Monday, February 14, 2011

That A-Ha your it moment...

The first time I ever laid eyes on the guy that would be my husband
was say the second month of my college life.
I was sitting in 'the pit' soaking in the college vibe
and then this guy caught my eye.
What a surreal movie moment
It was as if light was surrounding him
a spot light shining down from the heaven
There he walked dressed in suit and tie swinging a briefcase
( yes I did say we were in college but he is preppy like that... picture a black Micheal J. Fox)
and I thought wow now that is a good looking fella
That is the guy I am going to marry!
Screech!!!!!!!!!! What was that... where did that come from!
I instantly panicked because it was the strangest sensation I just knew that it was true even though we had not even met. It didn't help that I didn't plan to get married ever and also I was in a long-distance relationship already to confuse the brain.
So I quickly chastised my self and let it slip out of my mind.
But as faith would have it
The guy introduced himself a month later, we did the friend thing for a bit and
when we were both single
we gave it a try
as I predicted
it felt right
we felt right
and I did want to marry him in the end!

Today marks 12years that we have been married actually
fun times... we have had our high notes and we have had some pretty tough low notes
but looking forward to many more happy high notes!
Happy Anniversary to me... to us :D

In honour of Valentines Day and with the help of some of my blogger friends today I kick off a short series -

The question I am asking is and they happily agree to answer:
Do you remember that AHA moment when you KNEW he was the one, that this was it. This was the man you were going to marry!

Oh and if you would like to join in please send me an email at gaylenjcdotgmaildotcom I would be happy to post it!

Happy Happy Valentines to you!


  1. That is amazing! Mine is not nearly as powerful but on it's way none the less!

  2. Thank you Andrea :D and I am sure yours is as powerful!


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