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Love at First Sight

In honour of Valentines Love season and with the help of some of my blogger friends I am happy to have again this year the  A-Ha love series to celebrate February, love, relationships and of course my anniversary- teehee looking at 13 years on Valentine's day.

Today I kick off the A-Ha series with one of my favourite Mommy Bloggers and twitter friends-Kelly Pugliano from

I dare you to not get all misty eyed reading her sweet A~Ha moment
Love at First Sight
This post was originally written for an online writing group; The Red Dress Club. I had been lurking at the site for a while, enjoying the bevy of talented writers. I was very nervous to submit a piece of writing until this memoir prompt came up. I thought of my husband and our first meeting right away and found it easy to share our story. It makes me smile every time I share it and hope it brings a smile to you too.
Thanks Gayle for letting me share my “Aha-Love-Story Moment”!
Love at First Sight
I could never have imagined falling victim of love at first sight, especially given the fact that I was already in love, or what I thought love to be.  As fate would allow, on a beautiful, warm summer evening that is exactly what happened.
Every Friday evening, a group of us from work would meet downtown at the local watering hole and lament about our week over a cold beer.  On this particular night, my friend Mike was late for the gathering, due to running home to his brownstone apartment to change. When he finally joined us, Mike shared with the six of us a quick story of running into a guy unloading cardboard moving boxes from a car.
It ended up that he was the new tenant in the third floor apartment of Mike’s building and had just moved from out of state. Offering a helping hand and a welcome, Mike invited him to meet us for a drink when he finished. The new neighbor thanked Mike and said that he would meet up with him later.
“I don’t remember his name. Vinnie, Vince, Vic…something like that. I wanted to be neighborly, so I invited him; but I doubt he will show.” Mike said as he ordered his beer.
Mike barely gulped the first swig out of the green bottle before he choked out “Hey! He showed up! That’s him,” pointing in the direction of the door.
My attention moved toward the entrance of the bar. As a handsome, dark-haired, olive-skinned man walked in the door, time began to slow. It felt for a moment that I was surrounded by a bubble where all sound became muffled. Instantly, my breath caught in my throat, creating a dry pocket or lump of air that could neither be exhaled nor swallowed. The flush of chill, the kind one feels when fever sets in, raced from the bottom of my spine to the top of my head, leaving in the wake goose bumps that extended to my fingertips. My cheeks became warm and my heart began to pound so hard, I thought that those around me could hear it. My mind’s only thought: that’s him.
He walked over to my friend and with a quick smile of recognition, they shook hands. Mike draped his arm over his new friend’s shoulder and announced: “This is the guy; he’s my new neighbor!” and looking to his left said “Glad you could make it!”
Introductions began to make their way around the table and one by one, hellos and names were exchanged. When it came time for us to share, my eyes gazed into the biggest brown eyes I had ever seen. I melted into their warmth and kindness. He had an easy, almost shy quality to his hello. “Hi, I’m Vic” he said with a smile, extending his beautiful hand. My mouth was bone dry, yet I was able to mumble a “Hi!”
I placed my hand into his and the rest they say is history…we have been together ever since, blissfully married for almost 19 years. 
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 Have a great weekend everyone!
If you would like to share your A~HA moment please email me at gaylenjc@gmaildotcom I intend on celebrating for the entire month of February!


  1. Oh and you are still lovebirds ... having seen the two of you together and then reading this ... it does not surprise me at all.
    A true match made in Heaven!

  2. Thank you dear friend!!

    He is a keeper!! ;)

  3. So sweet! Beautiful story, made me smiley just reading it. :)


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