Tuesday, February 14, 2012

13 years and counting

June 1998 my husband orchestrated the most romantic event that anyone could ever have come up with... well at least for me at any rate :D
In the middle of a very hectic World Cup in France with the Jamaica in the World Cup, most of you may remember my hubbie is a big football (soccer) fan, my husband led me to a spot obliquely opposite the Eiffel Tower right under a wonderful statue of a David and a Lion. And while I was gawking at the statue, the Eiffel Tower in the distance, the bustling of the people around and soaking in the beauty that is Paris my then boyfriend of 2 years had positioned his father with camera in hand and then holding my hand went down onto one knee.

It was the gentle downward motion of my hand that made me look down to see him on one feet and speaking. My face felt flushed and the world stood still
All I could hear was this whoosh of air as I pulled him up.
He said the most beautiful speech I am sure ..... I don't remember hearing a word of it I just knew to say YES :D
9 months later we were married. 
Today marks 13 years of marriage for us.

Hoping the hubster is able to continue dealing with me :D praying for many many Happy more.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone


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