Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cherish the time you have!

Steve Jobs died to today :(
I was totally shocked I like everyone else I knew he was sick with cancer but I just didn't figure that he would lose the fight so quickly. Cancer sucks.

When I heard of Steve Jobs I instantly thought of my cousin who is currently going through his own battle with cancer. Naturally I am concerned, but even here I send positive vibes his way!
I have been thinking about my cousin and his wife for awhile now, but I haven't been able to sort my thoughts about them so that it makes sense here. They are one of the happiest married people that I know. And all I keep thinking is that what a shame for all that happiness to have to end.
That and
we should always try our very best to enjoy the days that we do have together because you never know when that little line 'through sickness and through health' or 'till death do we part" could come into play.
So I say:
Cherish your loved ones.
Work on your communication
and be always intimate and affectionate with each other.
 Be happy everyone
and R.est I.n P.eace Steve Jobs

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