Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Encouraging words

I love you just because you are you
A while ago I took a parenting course, because frankly been struggling with giving time and encouragement to each of my four children. My second child basically being the middle child unfortunately was/is the child that gets left to her devices most time. She is also the one that will be snapped at the most, because she is as precocious, inquisitive, chatta much about not much and fidgety as any eight year can be.
BUT she is also the most sensitive and fragile of the bunch. So I took the course and came away armed with many tools some worked and some still are works in progress.

There were two tools in particular that would work perfectly in improving your relationship.
The first I needed to ensure there was a day or an activity that was just Mummy and daughter time. A special time for just the two of us so that she felt loved and important.
Well, I am sure you see how that can be translated into spending time with your significant others. Either a day with just you two or a night or a quick getaway at a hotel or something. For the hubbie and I going out is not that easy babysitter issues and such... but we do ensure to have a date night at home at least once a month ( though it is not officially titled that way) and it is as simple as sitting together holding hands and watching a movie with popcorn.  Sometimes sitting and eating dinner together after children have gone to sleep work as date night . Just looking for any time to have some together time.

The second one was the use of encouraging words and sentences with my daughter. Words that build up her self esteem and encourage her to do the things that she may not be confident or too afraid to do. I was given a list to learn and try to incorporate in our conversations. Especially around homework time.
That list really prompted the idea for this blog. I thought wow a lot of these lines would be just as effective with the hubbie. So many of us are so harsh with our significant others. We basically take it for granted that out significant others will be there for us always and we sometimes forget that hey they need support as well.

Starter lines like:
I really appreciate when....
I saw that you did.......... thank you
I believe in your ability to......
I love you just because you are you

Working on building up your words of encouragement could never be a bad thing.

I think this is so cool and kinda works on the same principle of encouraging words. I stumbled on to the Bad Day Box from  LoveActually Blog on Pinterest and I fell in love.
In essence you put together a box with love notes, treats and images to encourage your significant other on the days that are not going so great. It is explained so perfectly here.
very sweet I need one :D so I think I am going to put one together for the hubster.

So what words of encouragements do you favour?!


  1. These classes are great reminders of the things we so easily forget to do. I have taken a few in the past years, and could quite frankly use another. It can be so hard to keep focused on the positive when chaos seems to suck up the entire day!

  2. Andrea you are absolutely right I am really considering a refresher course... the start of school and homework has me floundering


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