Monday, October 31, 2011

the Wedding is not the Marriage

I am so disappointed ...
I was going to write a post about Kim Kardashian's Fantasy wedding. I had just seen it's repeat for the 5th time and then I watched an episode of 4 weddings on TLC and the resounding thought in my head was people need to not get too carried away with the wedding.

Watching the two shows I couldn't help but wonder if anyone remembers that the wedding is not the same as the marriage. That the wedding  day though exciting is just a that a day. The marriage is supposed to be for a lifetime. 
Sigh but alas I got this post out too late because Kim K and Kris H have alledgedly filed for divorce. Sad.
Yes I am a fan of the reality show and I like all the girls especially loud mouth Khloe. She is my fav.
Anyway let this be a reminder to all that marriage is not about the wedding, the party or the food or how could I forget the dress... it is about the commitment of two people to each other.

Have a Happy Halloween!
What are you dressing as?
We don't partake in it here but I love to see the creative costume.
Be safe!


  1. They really should have had premarital counseling. I wonder if that is really what life is like when one lives ones life in the fishbowl an expects the world to revolve around them? Never having to work for anything must make being a part of the world that realizes that marriages require work and commitment not a show on E..hope she uses some of the residuals from the show to get counseling and get real. Sorry but 72 days? Dang..

  2. Exactly what I thought Becca. 72 days is nothing sigh!

  3. SO many people forget this. And this is probably why I was not all that excited about the royal wedding. They're cute and all but that's it really.

  4. They should have to pay all that money right back for wasting everyone's time.


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