Friday, October 7, 2011

Smile and sharing a bit!

Today is World Smile Day!
So sharing a smile with you!
that and some kooky flowers.

Found "A Blog About Love"
so sharing a link to their 
Tips for a Really Really Great 

Similiar to what I love to say here.. but they are so cute so have to share. There is nothing that I like more than couples so clearly in love.

My favourite tips they share are: 

"Do not EVER speak negatively about your spouse or complain about them to others. Ever, ever, ever. Just don't bring that kind of negativity into your marriage.

Exercise & stay fit! Makes for a positive outlook, healthy body, and great sexy time. :)"

Share a smile with your significant other and any other person who passes this weekend. It will make you smile some more.
Have a great  weekend.

* I am so sad to add that my cousin, who I spoke of in the earlier post, died today. Giving up his fight against cancer! May he R.est I.n P.eace.

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  1. that is great advice! Sleep deprivation makes it hard... hope you are having a great weekend!


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