Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life happens

Life happens
things are planned
but they are changed because
things happen to change it up.

So life happens
I had scheduled more posts but life happened to many of my moms and then
askew went my schedule OOps

And then I got sick and so did  the children
and lo and behold
askew went everybody elses schedule :D

But I am back on schedule and feeling a good bit healthier
so all being well I hope to be posting more like usual.

Marriage is like that by the way
you may have things planned to go a certain way and a
to do things in a certain way
but it never does
you may think you want children a particular time
and there you go
they come too early or they are hard hard to conceive.
Jobs may make you leave the house you knew you and your spouse would live in together
or you have to leave the country you so loved.

Your attitude is key in how you handle these changes in a marriage and life!
Keep it positive and even those times that are not sailing smooth would feel bareable.
Well that is how I feel.

By the by if there is any of you who would like to post their AHA Love moment please give me a shout and I would be happy to share it here :)


  1. a schedule? mine has seemed to go out the door. LIFE...

  2. That is EXACTLY how my life has been lately. I think I'm getting my act together and something horrible happens. And we've all been so sick lately. I can't remember a time in the last three months that all four of us were completely healthy at the same time. Ick. Hope you're hanging in there.



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