Saturday, April 9, 2011

Like sand in an hourglass

Just like the sands in an hourglass
time just seems to be slipping away
down a glass casing
meddling into the other grains till you can't distinguish
the first grain with the last.

That is how it been lately in my life
crazy busy
so busy that I am not even sure whether
it is today or yesterday.

So I was really shocked but not surprised that
almost an entire month has slipped on by
and not an update has occurred on the blog.

But life is getting back to normal so I suspect you would see more posts

Until then  have a great weekend.


  1. You could not be more right! Time slips by without us even noticing. Like me. I have not forgotten about you or that post I promised. But in my pregnancy/ motherhood/ housekeeping/ finding time to shower haze, writing has not been my strong-suit lately. Still thinking of you!

  2. Yes! you could not have described the way I feel any better.


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