Friday, April 27, 2012

Shhhh don't say anything!

WARNING: This one is for the male or female significant other... more the male but it couldn't hurt to remind the female counterparts as well.

If you see your significant other coming at you spitting fire and you realise that the fire is not being directed at you, then please be sure to keep quiet, nod at the appropriate places and throw in a couple of yes dears. Now is also a good time to remember that clause where if your significant other is female that YES She is ALWAYS RIGHT. ( You can go back later and point out that she may have been wrong but now with her spitting fire no not a good time.)

Never never butt in unless it is to agree and please please don't suggest that maybe she is being oversensitive (this works for men too) or gasp ask if it is that time of the month.
Because if the fire wasn't directed at you before expect that now dear friend that heat would be very easily transferred to you. And that will not be a good thing for you.

First and foremost it is best to remember this that sometimes some situations are simply:

Thanks for sharing in my mini vent.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Can we have this printed on a tshirt? PLEASE!


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